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Car Batteries Supplied & Fitted

Car batteries chesterfield
Car batteries are something we take for granted, put the key in the ignition, turn it and in an instant it sparks our engine to life.

But when your car battery fails, when it's flat & dead, your car is stuck outside your home or workplace and you're going nowhere?
  • Order your car battery from Tyre Chief Chesterfield and we will fit it at a your home or work. 
  • Our prices include free fitting, disposal of the old battery and VAT - there are no hidden extras. 
  • All our batteries come with a three year guarantee.
  • Phone 0800 0357727 for a free quote.

Common car battery faults can include:

  • Shorted cell due to failure of the separator between the positive and negative plates
  • Shorted cell or cells due to build up of shed plate material below the plates of the cell
  • Broken internal connections due to corrosion
  • Broken plates due to vibration and corrosion
  • Low electrolyte level
  • Cracked or broken case
  • Broken terminals
  • Sulfation after prolonged disuse in a low or zero charged state